Family of 5 seeking self-discovery and looking to always improve as human beings.

We left our comfort zone, we left most of our things behind. We hopped for a different lifestyle, we had many ideas about what is being full time living on the road.  Rough ideas only!

Living on the road means facing your challenges in a deeper level. Although we left things behind we still carry our big feelings, good and bad habits and crazy mood... and we have to be dealing with it anywhere we go.

It's sure we have great moments, we visit awesome places and bond deeper with one and another. It's sure we have fun and we care less about being clean and cleaning our moving house. One the other hand we feel on top of each other most of the time. We feel exhausted about the long drivings and packing up before we make the move. We feel really overwhelmed by the kids calling us all the time.

So what is it about being a full time traveller that most people would like to be? We are still working it out. It has only been a couple of months but here are a few things we haven't thought before leaving home:

1 If you are not very well organised you are going to get a bit overwhelmed as there is no much space for mess in such a tiny house called caravan. I'm still getting organised about the dishes after dinner. By the time we finish eating i'm so exhausted and all I want is to go to bed and forget about the dishes. I've been trying different ways to get it done because it feels much better to wake up and have plates and cutlery clean and ready to be used again.

2 If you don't like being dirty you can either learn that or forget about "caravaning" around! Same or worse goes with the kids. No clean feet and clothes when you spend most of your time outside. At least for us with our three little ones always climbing on us with their very dirty little hands and feet.

3  If you are planning to travel with kids lots food in the car is a must. They are always hungry while we are on the road. Its believable how much they eat! I've been making breakfast and packing food for trips at the same time but next time we move I'll try to pack breakfast as well then we can hit the road earlier. I know eating in the car for many families is a no no but there is no way you can travel without feeding kids. Not in my reality... kkkk

I could go on with the things I have been observing the last two months as a full time traveller to give you guys a picture of what it is like but I don't think it would be so valuable as things change constantly when you are on the move and it takes time to adjust. Being open to the changes is what we expected and what we have been immersed in since we started travelling.

Experiences will come and go while you travel and you gotta be open to it. Being a full time traveller for me means choosing a bit and going with the flow most of the time. This is the beauty of travelling full time: Being available to the signs of the universe and interpreting it wisely!