Family of 5 seeking self-discovery and looking to always improve as human beings.

We've been putting so much content in English on social media and we thought it was time to create something dedicated to the Brazilian audience (mainly our friends and family in Brazil). So we decided to create a podcast where we're going to publish fortnightly episodes telling about how the trip is going and to talk about some specific subject will come up with, normally related to our experience as travellers, parents, foreigners and so on.

So, sorry for the non-Portuguese speakers, this will be in Portuguese only.

Então... A idéia desse podcast é relatar um pouco o que estamos vivendo e também dar dicas dos lugares que estamos passando. Além disso vamos abordar um assunto relevante a nossa experiência em cada epísodio.

Vem com a gente.

Pra acessar o podcast, basta clicar aqui.