Family of 5 seeking self-discovery and looking to always improve as human beings.

We're Thiago and Alyne, and together we have 3 kids: Lucas, Anita and Maia. Thiago has being working with software development since 2002 and his work life has always been the 9-to-5 sort of thing but that's about to change. Alyne has a strong background in education and decided to be a full time mom when our first one came on board.

We love outdoors and we wish we could spend more time out and about. A job  opportunity came for Thiago to work remotely, he took it and started working from home but something was still missing. It was when Thiago came to Alyne with the idea: "what about we go for a long trip? There's nothing holding us here, we can buy a van and a camper trailer and go around Australia while we still can." and Alyne yes.

Not long after we were already with the van and the trailer. Now it's time to start making plans. The idea is to leave Brisbane at the end of June of 2019 and do a full loop around Australia.

If you have any tips and/or suggestions about places to go and visit, we would really appreciate it.

See you around.