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Here we are, celebrating a birthday on the road! Hooray, our lucky last child is officially one year old. I can still feel myself shaking when I saw the 2 two pink lines on the pregnancy test. I can still hear Thiago saying: Are you serious? You must be kidding! I can still remember that feeling of not being sure about the big news of having a third child but happy at the same time as I felt blessed again. I remember feeling all my loose muscles and making some changes in my parenting style with our other two children to support my body. Lifting them up to the highchair was a no no: "you gotta help mummy!". I'll never forget that the pregnancy went on a blink of an eye and she came earlier than expected and much smaller than we were used to. I'll always remember that giving birth was nothing I could plan but just surrender. No matter how many times you do it. It will be always a new learning experience!

So Maia came, we were all in love with our little baby girl around the house. I felt confident therefor much more relaxed than the other two times. Thiago was a pro in keeping the ball rolling with Lucas and Anita. My mother was there and as always helping so much and giving us some space to form our new family of five. Lucas wanted to know everything about his second little sister and Anita really thought Maia was a real doll.

Little one, very delicate, daddy's girl, very easy and peaceful baby. Maia came to light our path and to remind us that sometimes our plans aren't as we wanted them to be. No way we can control everything. Yes, a third child, yes, a birth with a bit of intervention, yes, another turn adapting as a growing family. Yes, we love her and can't see our family without our beautiful surprise.

She is still quite little but so yummy. She is a quiet baby and observes everything. She is still finding her space and we are very curious to know the role she is going to play in our family. She definitely knows what she wants, she points and makes it very clear when she doesn't want it. She gives us the best cuddles and plays peekaboo with Lucas and Anita. Our smiley girl! She is standing but not walking yet. She is eating a lot but still loves our cuddles and feeds. Very easy going, she is!

Today I finally took some pictures of her and while I was doing it, I really felt blessed and thought how foolish I was to have doubts about me, her and us as a family of five. Our wondering family!

We did have a cake on her day, we sang happy birthday, we celebrated having her as our miudinha (little one). Happy birthday to Maia, she is One!